Custom Solutions

CRM + Digital Marketing

Boost your sales and organize your company's digital life with Inseconds.


InSeconds, the ultimate solution that integrates CRM and digital marketing to boost your business. With our platform, you enjoy unlimited automations, in-depth analytics, and personalized campaign strategies to capture new leads.

Stand out in the market with the Strategic and Commander plans, designed to transform your digital presence and boost sales. Join InSeconds and turn your potential into tangible success.


A powerful tool

Unlimited leads without restrictions or additional charges

Professional Email Marketing with up to 500k emails per month

Smart reports and KPIs for your business.

Funnels, automations, and pipelines for all sectors.

Boost your sales and organize your digital routine with InSeconds, where a team of highly qualified professionals is ready to elevate the success of your business.

Custom plans

*Available after 12 months of the Strategic or Commander plan.

Monthly Services


U$ 1.250 U$ 949 mo
  • Leads: Unlimited
  • Funnels: Unlimited
  • Landing Pages: Unlimited
  • Segmentations: Unlimited
  • Users: 100
  • Support Ticket (chat and phone)
  • Emails: 500,000 /mo
  • Data History: 10 years
  • Funnel: Unlimited
  • Storage: 25 GB
  • Contract Period: 12 months
  • Whatsapp (number): Unlimited
  • Initial Services (First 4 months)
  • Website Analysis
  • Cname Configuration for Landing Pages
  • Cname Configuration for Emails
  • SEO Analysis
  • Tracking Analysis
  • Creation of 6 Landing Page Groups
  • Development of 12 Emails
  • Pipeline Parametrization
  • Parametrization of Status and Extra Fields
  • CRM Intelligence
  • Creation of Segmentations
  • Creation of Funnels
  • Training for the Sales
  • Dashboard (basic)
  • Users and Emails Configuration
  • 4 Ads
  • KPI Development

Monthly Services

And more:
In the Strategic and Commander plans, you will have access to a team of marketing experts dedicated to the success of your business, ready to implement personalized strategies that meet the exact needs and objectives of your company.

Meta Campaigns

Included in the Strategic and Commander plans

Maximize your online impact with Inseconds, your essential partner in Meta Facebook Ads. From creating and optimizing Fan Pages to targeted advertising campaigns, our team ensures that every action aligns with your business goals. Simplify your digital strategy: leave the complex tasks of ad setup and data analysis to us. With Inseconds, get ready to see your ROI grow. Discover how we can boost your sales and digital presence today.

Google ADS

Included in the Strategic and Commander plans

We turn clicks into customers through optimized and targeted campaigns, focusing on tangible results. Our team of experts is dedicated to fine-tuning your campaigns to maximize reach and efficiency, ensuring that your investment translates into real growth. With Inseconds, you gain visibility on Google, boost sales, and exceed your goals. Discover the power of Google Ads with a partner who understands your business.

Development of KPIs

Included in the Commander plans

We introduce our exclusive KPI Development service, designed to transform scattered data into strategic insights, driving effective business decisions. At Inseconds, we understand the importance of well-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and their direct influence on the success of your marketing strategy and business operations.

Through visually immersive and interactive dashboards, we turn numbers into narratives, allowing you to visualize progress in real time, identify trends, and adjust strategies proactively. Moreover, our detailed analyses and periodic strategy meetings ensure that you are always ahead, equipped with actionable insights to continuously optimize your performance.

Our process begins with a deep dive into your unrelated data sources, integrating them to create a clear and comprehensive overview of your current performance. With a customized approach, we define KPIs that reflect the unique objectives of your business, ensuring that each metric is relevant, measurable, and aligned with your growth goals.

Email Marketing

Our platform offers the power to connect with up to 500,000 potential customers every month. With Inseconds, you’re not just sending emails; you’re crafting targeted messages that resonate with your audience and generate results.

Whether launching a new product, nurturing leads, or engaging with your existing customer base, Inseconds provides the tools and expertise to elevate your email marketing campaigns.

Why Choose Inseconds for Your Email Marketing?

Create or modify 1 Landing Page per Month
Develop or modify 3 Emails per Month
Configure 1 Advertisement per Month
Maintenance of 4 Existing Ads
Analyze and Adjust All Campaigns
Create or modify 3 Landing Page per Month
Develop or modify 6 Emails per Month
Configure 2 Advertisement per Month
Engagement Goal Campaign Analysis
Maintenance of 12 Existing Ads
Campaign Strategy and Results Meeting